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Freud remarked that there is perhaps a kind of speaking that is worthwhile precisely because up until now it was merely interdicted - which means spoken between, between the lines. That is what he called the repressed.

Jacques Lacan 1901 - 1981

Do you....

  • Feel agitated, restless, anxious, irritable or fearful without knowing why?

  • Notice little pleasure in activities and relationships you once used to enjoy?

  • Struggle to develop emotional intimacy and satisfying relationships?

  • Feel you are not living the life you would like, yet too overwhelmed for change?

  • Notice being angry for seemingly no reason?

  • Recognise a heavy reliance on drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, pornography?

  • Have intrusive, persistent thoughts?

    Despair and suffering can take many different forms: depression, addiction, loss of self worth, panic attacks, bereavement, redundancy, eating difficulties, anxiety, trauma, abuse, personal and sexual difficulties.

    Our relationship with ourselves and others, when neglected can lead to a profound sense of isolation, emotional distress and a myriad of physical symptoms.

  • What is Psychotherapy?

    Psychotherapy is a space to develop a trusting, responsive, non-judging relationship with another person. It is a setting in which to explore experiences of emotional distress; a relationship that allows space to see who we are with others and recognise ways we may sabotage our potential to succeed.

    It is an environment in which to begin to speak and not silence what goes on in the mind. We come to learn in what ways seemingly irrelevant words, moments and most hazardous trauma can restrict and make grey our existence.

    Our habitual ways, are so part of the fabric of our lives that we do not notice them any more. Habits, patterns, assumptions blur out of view. The philosopher Heidegger said,

    So near we too easily over look it for the way to what is near is always the longest and thus the hardest for us.

    Psychotherapy provides a context to pause, reflect, be still, to find our own voice, access what we want from our lives and develop resilience to confront despair and distress.

    As a Psychotherapist

    I help individuals to notice what is out of focus and bring it to light. Our habits, patterns can trip us up repeatedly, undermining and creating disturbing and empty relationships.

    As our awareness broadens, it creates greater possibilities and choices in our lives. We develop a richer understanding of ourselves, and our relationships with other people; a developing of our truer wishes and desires and an appreciation of our creative potential.

    It is, in a sense a quiet slow moving revolution, tranforming how we think, feel, behave and respond.

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